Agricultural trailers

Harvester 18Т.

Harvester 18Т — two-axle self-discharging semi-trailer with capacity of 18 t (24 t — for freight with density of more than 768 kg / m3) with modernized chassis. Discharging is performed through taildoor. 

Competitive advantages:

• strength steel sloping body;
• the most robust suspension among trailers of this series;
• bigger viewing window;
• special low-pressure tires with improved off-road capability;
• safety elements (LED lighting and synchronized dual-circuit pneumatic and hydraulic braking system). 

These advantages ensure safe and reliable use of trailer, careful transportation and discharge of products.


— The platform is self-discharging and solid, made of steel and fluted. The body with formed boards prevents sticking of freight on joints of board and floor, which makes the discharge easier and faster.

— The platform has a taildoor with hydraulic drive. Taildoor is opened to its fullest extent being 90 degrees and can be equipped with metering window and gate upon request. It has safe locking system and can be assembled with foldable canopy. 

Improved chassis:

— Flotation tires allow to achieve minimum ground pressure, as well as maximum productivity and efficiency of work on various types of soils, including in high humidity conditions. For hard-surfaced roads there can be used tires of a different type and dimension.

— Adjustable drawbar provide coupling with tractors of various drawbar category and use of different tires.  

— Hoses and pipes of the hydraulic and break systems are mounted under frame with protection cover.

— Lighting equipment is protected by special screen, which at the same time provides free access during maintenance.



You can buy trailers from the Agricultural Division of UPEC IG (UPEC TRADING LLC is the authorized distributor), as well as from our Ukrainian and foreign dealers⁠.

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