Circular grinding machine tool

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CNC cut-in circular grinding machines

The machine is equipped with a small-sized portal manipulator for loading and unloading products installed on the machine bed, and two trays with a capacity of 15 - 20 parts (loading and unloading) installed behind the tailstock of the machine. It is equipped with imported devices: CNC system, control cabinet and electric motors manufactured by Siemens, device which controls the moment when the grinding wheel touches the product, manufactured by Marposs, the automatic grinding wheel balancing device manufactured by Hofmann. The machine has the active monitoring device and the automatic device for tapering the product.

The field of application is a large-scale and mass production

CNC circular grinding machines for external for interfaced grinding

Grinding can be cut-in, longitudinal or combined. This method of grinding allows to eliminate the selective assembly or mutual fit of the mating pairs of parts.

The accuracy class of machine is "C" according to GOST 8-82.

The control of the interfaced grinding is carried out by a special active monitoring device having a double-jawed clamp to control the grinded diameter and device for monitoring the hole in the mating part.



Mechanic processing and further assembling of units and adjustment of the mechanisms of the machine tools are carried out by highly qualified personnel. The precision of manufacturing parts and the assembly is continuously monitored by the quality and product certification services.

How to order

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