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Energy-efficient bearing units HARP with extended life were specifically designed for the first time for the operating conditions of the “1520 Space”.

The new generation of energy-efficient “cartridge” HARP bearing units with an increased maintenance interval (800 000 km – 1 000 000 km), optimized profiling, micro geometry and heat treatment, as well as grease and seals specially designed for the operating conditions of the “1520 Space”.


The new product line, unlike other well-known cartridge bearing units, was originally designed and optimized for operating conditions on the “1520 Space” (including low-temperature resistance down to


CRU Duplex – cartridge units for axle boxes of freight and passenger cars

TBU 1520 - cartridge units for axle boxes of freight and passenger cars

CRU HARP - cartridge units for axle boxes of locomotives

CRB HARP – sealed bearing units for locomotive traction motors

In addition to the new line, HARP continues to produce CRB bearings with short cylindrical rollers for freight cars and locomotives, which have been proven by many decades of reliable operation.


— The main result of the design optimization and technology is an increased maintenance intervals by more than 2,5 times (over 800 000 km).

— CRU Duplex design with flanged rings has also eliminated one of the major axle box disadvantageous features – low reliability of the end connection caused by the presence of thrust ring in the classic design. Dynamic axial force to the end connection is reduced in 4 times.

— Unique Klüberplex HARP grease, developed together with German company Klüber Lubrication (Freudenberg Group), is the only one which alongside with a record high resistance to wear and contact fatigue surface damage, low resistance moment during starting and moving, has a low-temperature resistance of key characteristics down to -60°C.

— As a result, the operating costs for the axle box, costs for maintenance and repair of bearing units during freight car lifetime are reduced.

— Significant reduction of labor-intensiveness and mounting costs when forming the wheel sets: the bearing is delivered fully assembled, filled with grease and assembled by radial clearances and diameters of the inner rings bores, and does not require additional operations before mounting on the axle. As a result, mounting time is reduced, including involved production facilities and personnel, energy consumption.

— Possibility of mounting/dismounting on existing equipment: application of double bearings does not require purchasing and installation of the new special equipment.

More advantages

Results of controlled operation on the Russian Railways network: In freight cars, which are equipped with CRU Duplex bearings, there was recorded an increase of operational reliability of axle boxes – the number of uncouplings due to axle boxes faults per year in one freight car is 4 times less than in freight cars, which are equipped with conventional cylindrical bearings.

How to order

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