Wheel reduction gear

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Wheel reduction gear of wheeled and crawler machinery

Application of the unique technologies makes it possible to manufacture complex shaped parts with a high level of accuracy and metal consumption.


Sun gear


Satellite gear


Advantages: The main advantage of the sun and satellite gears is the use of high-quality alloy steel. Such gears have significantly higher indicators of contact and flexural strength and, thus, a higher resource. In order to improve the quality of run-in and increase the durability, the sun gear tooth has barrel shape.

The durability of the satellite gear depends on the tooth non-parallelism. The higher the value of non-parallelism, the more gears are subject to edge contact and, correspondingly, their durability will be decreased. We, unlike other manufacturers, carefully control this parameter and we focus on this value several times smaller compared to other manufacturers.

• They are hot forged and rolled with correct arrangement of fibers and without welding seams.
• Hardening is performed before machining.
• Gear milling of the outer teeth and subsequent finishing shaving, which improves the accuracy and reduces the roughness of the tooth surfaces, and also increases the gear service life.

Epicyclic gear


Advantages: The main advantage of epicyclic gear is the very high surface hardness of its teeth with high core viscosity. This is achieved due to heat treatment – saturation with carbon and nitrogen. In this case, according to earlier studies, the attempt to replace such type of heat treatment (as other manufacturers do) for carburization significantly reduces the life of the sun and satellite gears, and the bulk hardening reduces the life of the epicyclic gear.

How to order

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