LIRA – spring-tooth harrow

The LIRA spring harrow is applied for:

• early spring harrowing for crust destruction and encouraging the weeds germination;

weeds destruction in the “white fiber” phase;

• moisture retention by means of interruption of capillary flow from the substrate;

• even distribution of stubble remains on the field;

• incorporation of seeds and mineral fertilizers, distributed across the field;

• overall tillage when handling the fallow lands and seedbed preparation when fall-ploughing;

• windrowing of straw and hay.

• Careful cultivation provided by the adjustable tilt angle of teeth.

• The teeth tilt angle is adjusted for entire section with limits from 150 to 900, and interval of 150.


• Working sections consist of five rows of the offset spring teeth with spacing of 38 mm. Such teeth location excludes noncultivated areas.

• Blockage-free work of teeth and perfect loosening due to vibration effect.

• The harrow spring tooth with diameter of 10 mm.

• The spring tooth is made of high-quality special steel with special heat treatment: general bulk hardening and additional HFC hardening of ends up to 51...57HRC. Such hardening significantly (in 2…3 times) increases the tooth wear resistance in the working area with high wear, wherein the areas under torque stress are highly strength.

• One tractor driver can fold and unfold the harrow due to design of frame and hitch.

• For quick folding/unfolding the LIRA harrow is equipped with transport wheels with adjustable toe angle.

• Having the chained individual working sections, the LIRA spring harrow perfectly follows any field contours in spite of its wide working width.

• Special agricultural low-pressure tires almost fully eliminate the risk of damage to plants. Also there tires eliminate overcompacting of the soil and don’t leave tracks. Specific thread pattern allows drawing off the dirt and provides smooth running without adhesion of dirt even in overwatered conditions.

• Forged crosses compared to welded ones provide high durability and reliability regardless of “human factor”.

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Working width, m 15 24
Tractor power, hp min. 80 min. 130
Coupling with tractor trailed trailed
Basic weight, kg 2032 2850
Number of working tools 200 320
Teeth spacing, mm 38 38
Operating depth, cm max. 9 max. 9
Operating speed, km/h 8...15 8...15
Efficiency, ha/h max. 12,1 max. 12,1


You can buy LOZOVA MACHINERY tillage equipment from the Agricultural Division of UPEC IG (UPEC TRADING LLC is the authorized distributor), as well as from our Ukrainian and foreign dealers.

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