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— Increased service life (more than 120000 ha)
— Superreliable bearing three-level protection
— Cartridge bearing, filled by high-quality grease that does not require additional lubrication for the entire life cycle
— Possibility of restoration, including the replacement of the bearing without housing replacement in an ordinary workshop
— Possibility of the fast assembly and disassembly (which maximally minimizes downtime of equipment)
— Trouble-free operation during long term

All of this increase durability and ensure long-term high-quality work of the unit. The units have successfully passed life-cycle tests under real operating conditions.


HARP AGRO UNIT is applied for discs of different diameters in a wide range of tillage agricultural machinery: cultivators and harrows, sowing complexes and much more. Bearing units are fully compatible with common range of agricultural machinery.


Possibility of the unit restoration and bearing replacement. A distinctive feature of HARP AGRO UNIT is the possibility of replacing the bearing in any required operating time without changing the housing. After the complete bearing resource output it can be replaced in an ordinary workshop, and the unit is ready for operation.

Superreliable bearing three-level protection.
In the HARP AGRO UNIT it is applied the principle of three barrier protection:
1 level – “Labyrinth cutter” – it prevents the formation of high pressure of the soil to sealing and provides protection of unit from mechanical damages.
2 level – “Cassette sealing” from the world leader Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (Simrit), filled by Kluber grease with multi-lip elastomeric element which provides reliable protection of unit from moisture and mechanical impurities from the external environment.
3 level – “Lip sealing” – integrated in bearing additional lip seal, especially enhanced for using in the agricultural sector.

Reliable bearing. Inside of the unit is HARP bearing, which has cold-rolled rings, providing increase of its durability. Bearing is in preload, which provides additional rigidity to the whole unit. Bearing does not require additional lubrication for the entire life cycle. In some models of the HARP AGRO UNIT there is used one of the best hub bearing (6-256907AEK12L19) with a resource exploitation up to 600 000 km! 

Massive forged housing. Well-established technologies of forging and heat treatment significantly increase the unit wear resistance, and the tooling mastery development and optimal steel structure provide high durability and reliability of the unit, and maximum stability under all operating conditions. 

Easy adaptation and installation to any tillage equipment. Mounting of HARP AGRO UNIT is very simple. It can be performed in the field conditions. The disk is mounted to the unit by several bolts. And high quality of unit’s flange steel keeps the thread even if multiple disk replacement.

More advantages

8395.ДЛМ-4.05.015 For compact disc harrows DUCAT (LOZOVA MACHINERY)
8395.H5-160.47.f35.011 Hub assembly for Lemken Rubin 9 disk harrow— Original number Lemken 5554502/03
8395.H4-98.65.l28.014; 8395.H4-98.80.l28.014 Bearing units for: Great Plains, Quivogne, Agrisem, Einb ck, Greguar Besson, K ckerling, Rabe, Vogel&Noot
8395.H5-106.106.f55.014 Bearing unit for compact disc harrows Horsch Joker
8395.H5-112.83.f40.015 Bearing unit for compact disc harrows Multiva Diskmaster
8395.Н5-116.80.l30.015 Bearing unit for compact disc harrows BOMET U800 (AUS)
88395.Н6-120.76.l30.015 Bearing unit for compact disc harrows BOMET U200 (BKT)
8395. H4-98.69.s35.014 Bearing unit for compact disc harrows Bobruiskselmash APD/APN; APPA


You can buy HARP bearings from the official distributor of the plant HARP – LLC UPEC TRADING and from our dealers (in Ukraine and abroad). Also you can always visit the company stores in Kharkov and Kiev.

How to order

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