Semi-automatic CNC machines for grinding the camshaft cams

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CNC machines for grinding the camshafts in large-scale and mass production

Variable rotation speed of the workpiece during one rotation when grinding ensures the constant amount of the metal to be removed. The slowing down on the rising and falling areas of the profile, as well as the acceleration at the top of the cam, allow to increase the average rotation frequency of the workpiece to a value close to the optimum. This increases productivity and grinding without burns.

A wide range of speeds of the grinding wheel feed and the product rotation, possibility of stopping each feed for a fixed duration of time, possibility of dressing the grinding wheel at any time, all this enables any grinding cycle of the cam profile.

Instantaneous speeds are entered in one degree of spindle rotation from the CNC system, which stores in the table all the profiles processed on the machine.

Special copying-grinding machine KhSh-33 is designed for grinding and regrinding the profile of cams of camshafts of engines of cars and trucks, tractors, minitractors and motor blocks, camshafts of other machines in the conditions of auto repair plants, repair shops of agricultural machinery, car maintenance stations and other services for engine repair.

The grinding of the cams is done by the copying method with a manual cut-in feed of the grinding wheel.

 The corresponding profile of the cams on different camshafts is provided by the replaceable adjustments (copiers, dividing devices, driving clamps).

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