FRANC – subsoiler

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The implement performs chisel tillage, leaving on the surface 30-60% of crop residues, which solves the problem of soil erosion, maintaining the organic composition of the soil and ensuring its long-term fertility.
Duration of the agronomic effect after subsoiling is 3-4 years, and the number of active roots in subsoiled area is doubled.


—Quick-change front point and shim protect the tine from wear, and the geometric configuration allows deeper penetrating of the working tool into firm soil.
— Side wings, fixed with bolts on the tine, increase subsoiling effect. Application of the side wings at high speed causes the “firm soil wave blasting” effect.
— Balancing mounting of the doubled roller provides the constant contact of both rollers with the soil.
— Doubled self-cleaning roller with spikes with balanced mounting completes the soil tillage.
Spikes break large clods, thrown on the surface, prepare and level the soil, facilitating further final seedbed preparation. Rotating spikes embed crop residues into the soil lower layers and mix them with soil at depth of 15-20 cm. — Shear bolt is applied for protection against exceeding loads, excluding the possible damage to frame.

FRANC is conceptually similar to the most common European subsoilers.

Working width, m 2,5
Tractor power, hp min 160
Coupling with tractor mounted
Basic weight, kg 1490
Number of tines, pcs 5
Operating depth, cm до 45
Operating speed, km/h 8...12
Efficiency, ha/h max 2,23
Fuel consumption, l/ha 10...18
Transport dimensions (length x width x height), mm 2860х2479х1885


You can buy LOZOVA MACHINERY tillage equipment from the Agricultural Division of UPEC IG (UPEC TRADING LLC is the authorized distributor), as well as from our Ukrainian and foreign dealers.

How to order

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