Axles, elements of driving axles, support

main directions of production:

  • Axles for agricultural wheeled tractors 
  • Axles for agricultural crawler tractors 
  • Axles for frontal loaders 
  • Axles for wheeled excavators  
  • Axles for special-purpose machinery (skidders, snow removal machinery, etc.) 
  • Axles with “wet” brakes for motor graders and frontal loaders
  • Axles and half-axles for trailers and various types of agricultural machinery  
  • Hubs for various types of machinery 
  • Elements of driving axles, support: wheel reduction gearbox, suspension parts, brake, final drive, various satellite gears and other. 

marking of the lkmz axles:

Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant performs an additional marking of the driving axles and asks owners of the HTZ tractors to pay attention to the manufacturer of spare parts (axles, in particular). In addition to the conventional stamping, the LKMZ trade mark will be casted on the wheel reduction gear cover.  



Application of the unique technologies makes it possible to manufacture complex shaped parts with a high level of accuracy and metal consumption.

Parts and components are manufactured in full accordance with the design and technological documentation: there is no difference in quality between the parts going to the secondary market and to the HTZ conveyor.

For the production of parts there are used forgings and castings made of structural carbon and alloyed high-quality steels. This ensures required macrostructure of the workpieces, which, in turn, increases strength and durability of the parts.

To increase hardness the workpieces undergo heat treatment, carburization, strain-free hardening and low-temperature nitrocarburization, as well as other necessary treatments.

Proven manufacturing technology, quality management system, control of the geometric dimensions with a coordinate measuring machine «Venzel» (USA), control of heat treatment and coating quality, mechanical properties by means of devices and equipment of express laboratories and TsZL – all of this provide the required parameters and high reliability of the LKMZ parts⁠.


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