GULDEN – subsoiler


Application of the GULDEN subsoiler is a reasonablealternative to the conventional soil preparation technology, which allows seedbed preparing in one pass. Technological combination of several operations significantly saves resources.


— Robust deltaic frame.
— Two rows of tines: front row for deep soil cultivation to the depth up to 45 cm and additional row for intensive top mulching to the depth up to 25 cm with independent depth adjustment.
— Doubled crowfoot roller for additional topsoil crushing and leveling of the field surface, and even distribution of crop residues.
— Balanced mounting of the doubled roller provides constant contact with the soil of both rollers. Spikes break large clods, thrown on the surface, prepare and level the soil, facilitating further final seedbed preparation. Rotating spikes embed crop residues into the lower layers of soil and mix them with soil at depth of 15-20 cm.

GULDEN is designed for deep solid tillage (volume and deep subsoiling), with lasting effect of 3-4 years!

Working width, m 4
Tractor power, hp от 350
Coupling with tractor mounted
Basic weight, kg 2678
Number of discs front row - 7; rear row - 6
Operating depth, cm front row up to 45 cm; rear row up to 25 cm
Operating speed, km/h 8...12
Efficiency, ha/h до 3,58
Fuel consumption, l/ha 10...18
Transport dimensions (length x width x height), mm 4344х4054х2053


You can buy LOZOVA MACHINERY tillage equipment from the Agricultural Division of UPEC IG (UPEC TRADING LLC is the authorized distributor), as well as from our Ukrainian and foreign dealers.

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