Machine-Tool Building Division

The Machine-Tool Building Division represents the largest manufacturer of the roll and circular grinding machines in the CIS – the Kharkov Machine-Tool Building Plant HARVERST. 

Manufacture of high-tech equipment, based on advanced ideas and technical solutions, requires the highest qualification of workers and engineers, the continuity of traditions, extensive knowledge in basic industries, constant introduction of innovations as a necessary condition for the competitiveness of its own products and customer’s products.

Our equipment is applied almost in all branches of industry: metallurgy, heavy and medium engineering, engine building, aircraft and shipbuilding, auto and tractor building, light industry, bearing industry, oil and gas industry, etc.



The Joint Engineering Center with the Experimental Design Bureau of Grinding Machines develops equipment for machining rolls of metallurgical rolling mills, grinding the crankshafts and camshafts of the automotive tractor engines, transmission parts, bearing parts, etc.

The competence and decades of experience of the team in creation of the unique designs allows us to develop machine tools of the new generation

Our equipment has the up-to-date design solutions and CNC systems. Maintenance of high technical level of machine tools during the whole period of their operation is ensured by the modular principle of machine building, unification of their components and systems, and optional assembly as of customer requirements.



HARVERST Products - guarantee of high-quality grinding
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Manufacture, repair and modernization of machine tools are performed at the facilities of the flagship in Ukrainian machine tool building industry

HARVERST – 70 years of specialization in the field of roll grinding; more than 90 000 units of equipment; wide sales geography, including USA, Italy, France, Belgium, Japan, China, India and the UK. These arguments attract the customers.

HARVERST machines allow to grind parts in the widest range of overall and weight characteristics: from miniature (several grams) to giant (up to two meters in diameter, up to sixteen meters and weighing up to 125 tons).


Striving to satisfy customers’ demands, we offer roll grinding machines, corresponding to the world standards. The machines are equipped with the modern control systems. The design and technological solutions are based on the many years of experience and innovations.

Being the customer-oriented company we offer the full range of services on every stage of machine’s lifecycle, including delivery, commissioning, training, warranty and after-warranty maintenance, modernization of the previously manufactured equipment. Our designers will consider all the customer requirements.