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Spare parts manufactured by LKMZ have the following advantages.

The brake shoes have additional reinforcing plates which significantly increase the stiffness of the shoe, that in turn increases the uniformity of load distribution throughout the brake lining surface and increases the overall contact area and, accordingly, increases the braking torque of the vehicle.

Linings surfaces are machined on special milling machines with a turntable, which ensures a uniform fit of the lining to the brake drum and high braking torque. 

Accuracy of the brake drum is provided by machining on eight-spindle vertical turning semi-automatic machines of 1286 model and drilling on special aggregate machines.

The profile of the brake cam and the splined part are ground on special copying grinding machines, which increases the service life.

Reliability, durability, safety and trouble-free operation of your equipment depends, first of all, on quality spare parts.

Our fundamental target is to provide affordable and technically faultless spare parts.

Spare parts LKMZ are manufactured on modern equipment and pass complex quality control.

How to order

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