Semi-automatic CNC machines for grinding the crankshaft journals

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CNC machines

Special circular grinding machines KhSh2-70МPh20, KhSh 2-76МPh20 KhSh 2-80Ph20, KhSh 2-86Ph20 are designed for sequential grinding of the crankshaft main bearing journals (KhSh2-70МPh20, KhSh2-76МPh20) and connecting rod journals (KhSh2-80Ph20, KhSh2-86Ph20) of crankshafts of automobile and tractor engines by the cut-in method with the device of active control in a semi-automatic cycle.

On request, the machine can be equipped with a CNC system, electric drives and electrical equipment, both domestic (K534-Constar, NC-210) and manufactured by foreign companies Siemens, Mitsubishi, Fagor, Heidenhain.

Grinding the main bearing journals

The machine KhSh2-31n is designed for regrinding of the main bearing journals of heavy crankshafts of the locomotive and ship engines.

Grinding the connecting rod journals

The machine 3М428 is designed for regrinding of the connecting rod journals of the locomotive and ship engines.

How to order

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