Pillow Block Bearing Units

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A distinctive feature of the HARP bearing unit is that the spherical outside surface of the bearing and inner housing surface ensure self-alignment. From both sides there are X-SHIELD® sealings, which consist of oil-resistant rubber and slinger rings.

Advantages of the HARP bearing units:

- Self-alignment of the bearing outer diameter and housing inner diameter.

The bearing outer diameter has a spherical ground surface matching to the spherical housing inner diameter, which provides self-alignment between the contact surfaces and compensation of the unit misalignment.

- Increased service life of the bearing unit.

Bearing units work in severe operation conditions with dust, dirt and moisture penetration and high temperatures. Under these operation conditions the bearing grease properties deteriorate in a short period of time. Therefore it is necessary to change old grease at appropriate intervals.

For this purpose all bearing units with cast iron housings have the pressure lubrication fittings to ensure longer service life and maximum efficiency of bearing units.

- Effective sealing X-SHIELD®.

Bearing has X-SHIELD® sealing, which consists of heat- and oil-resistant seal made of synthetic rubber and steel shield. The sealing is mounted on the outer ring and contacts with the inner ring flange surface with certain tightness. Steel shield is mounted on the inner ring flange. Combination of these two sealing elements provides protection from dust, dirt and moisture penetration, as well as preservation of grease in the bearing, which ensures the bearing maximum efficiency even in severe operation conditions.

- Massive cast iron housing.

Cast iron housing is a one-piece monolithic construction, which provides maximum durability in all operating conditions.

- Device which eliminates rotation of the bearing outer ring in the housing.

There is a locking pin on the bearing outer ring, which provides free self-alignment of units, as well as eliminates rotation of the outer ring, increasing the bearing unit service life.

- Complete interchangeability of bearing and housing.

High-quality manufacturing of the bearing and housing allows their complete interchangeability when required during operation.

- No special requirements to the shaft mounting surface.

There are no special requirements to the shaft. Quenching or polishing of the shaft are not strictly required, and the surface quality may be poor.

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