Bearings for automotive industry HARP-AUTO

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— passenger cars (application: differential gears, gearbox (main and secondary shaft), rear axle, front wheel hub);
— commercial vehicles (application: engine, cooling system, gearbox, alternator, fan, steering, PTO, axle, cardan shaft);
— buses and trolleybuses (application: engine, cooling system, feed circuit, steering).

Special attention is paid to the quality of these bearings. Kharkov Bearing Plant has passed certification of the quality management system for compliance with ISO/TU 16949 "Special requirements for the application of GOST ISO 9001-2000 in the automotive industry and organizations, producing the appropriate spare parts".


• Application of effective seals, including seals with increased tightness X-SHIELD
• High accuracy of the bearing working surfaces, as a result noise and vibration are reduced.
• Improved bearing steel. Only ultra-pure steel with a reduced proportion of oxygen is used for HARP ball bearings. This improved steel increases durability of the bearing and reduces fatigue failures.
• Optimized radius of the bearing races, that allows to increase the dynamic load capacity of bearings and, consequently, their durability.
• Superfinishing surface treatment. HARP ball bearings pass superfinishing machining of all working surfaces, which reduces bearings heat, improves noise and vibroacoustc performances, and increases their durability.
• Improved ball. In HARP bearings there are used balls with a high degree of accuracy (accuracy of 5-16 degrees) to ensure noise and vibroacoustc characteristics, to increase durability.
• Improved roller. In HARP roller bearings it is applied the roller with modified contact, which improves bearing performance.
• Optimized cage. Application of massive polyamide and brass cages in the bearings allows minimizing of noise and vibration, increasing bearing speed capability.

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