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January 30, 1995 is an official date of foundation of the UPEC. 

Anatoliy Girshfeld together with seven like-minded men has founded the company, which has become one of the largest engineering companies in Ukraine. The activity of the company during first years reflected in its name – Ukrainian Industry Energy Company. At that time UPEC with its partners realized the unique barter scheme: supplying of the customer’s own coal from Russia to the Pridneprovskaya Hydroelectric Power Station, receiving the electric power instead of money, which was transferred to industrial companies, such as Dneprospetsstal, Ordzhonikidze Mining and Processing Plant, Pridneprovskaya Raiway, Avtramat, and later – to the agricultural engineering companies from Kharkov region.

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A. Girshfeld, Honorary President of the UPEC Industrial Group: 

"We began to work at the time, when industrial relations between enterprises were collapsing in the country. Large plants, especially state-owned ones, have been loosing their markets because of their slowness, the country's economy was hit by barter, effective demand was very low. The situation for Ukrainian industry was catastrophic. In the new market situation enterprises should establish supply and sales chains. In such conditions I saw a promising field for activity".



Rehabilitating step by step the industrial relations that have been destroyed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the UPEC adjusts supplying of raw materials and components to Kharkov plants, as well as the sales of finished products to Russian and Ukrainian machine-building enterprises. 

1997 г. — service company “Troitskie vorota” was established. 

1999 г. — “Transservice” LLC was established in order to carry out supplies to HARP. Eventually Transservice has became a supplier to all the companies if the Industrial Group.

The last year of the “first five-year plan” started the new development stage – being the trading-intermediary company, the UPEC became the financial-industrial group.

In 1999 UPEC bought first shares of 8th GPZ (Kharkov Bearing Plant). 

Since 2001 HARP has started the implementation of new technologies, allowing the plant to reduce the long-term technological backwardness and become competitive in global markets – the investment project "Step into the future" on manufacturing bearings of improved quality has started. That was the first experience of serious investments in machine-building assets.

In the same years, the company's assets were replenished by the Tinyakov garment factory and Factorial-Bank, which later left the group.

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The company required the products of the machine-tool enterprises, as the HARP outdated equipment should be modernized within the investment project “Step into the future". So, in 2001 the Kharkov Machine-Tool Building Plant named after S.V. Kosior (HARVERST) has joined the UPEC. Then the Kharkov Electro-Technical Plant “Ukrelectromash” (HELZ) has joined the future industrial group.

In 2001 the UPEC became the shareholder of the Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant (LKMZ). Since 1991 the plant has been in crisis – the manufacture was reduced by 64,3%, the sales – by 66%, 8932 jobs were shed. With the new investor the situation began improving. The barter operations were terminated, decreasing of manufacture volume was stopped, the cooperation relations were rehabilitated, and the new customers and markets were actively searched. Already in 2002 there was an increase of production and realization. Thus, UPEC saves the Lozovaya city-forming company and the largest forging and stamping enterprise in Ukraine and the CIS. Since 2002 Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant is a part of the UPEC. 

In the same year the official distributor of HARP «Ukrainian Bearing S.C.» was established (later – HARP TRADING, now – UPEC TRADING). 

On the basis of the Department of Automation and Mechanization of Production of HARP, the Ukrainian Bearing Industry Design and Technology Bureau (UKTBPP) was established for development of bearings and equipment for their production. UKTBPP is also the parent organization in Ukraine on standardization in bearing production.

2002: A. Girshfeld was elected as People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the IV convocation

A. Girshfeld, Honorary President of the UPEC Industrial Group: 

«When other business owners were leaving the industry in favor of the trading, we entered the industry. Very few people understood us at that time, but I am deeply convinced of the correctness of our choice».



2003: on the basis of the casting and model shops of the Machine-Tool Plant there was created a metallurgical production, equipped at the level of the best world analogues – Ukrainian Casting Company LLC. 

2004: understanding the fact, that Ukraine is an agrarian country and should have the full range of agricultural machines was laid in the basis of the project, which the UPEC Industrial Group started together with Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant, Agromashholding-Ukraine Group in Lozovaya. On May 15, 2004 the Ukrainian-Russian enterprise “Lozova Combine Plant” was opened

The first Enisey-950 combine harvesters were sold to Poltava region. Production has developed dynamically. In fact, that was the first successful project on manufacture of combine harvesters in Ukraine. However, due to the change of ownership in Agromashholding-Ukraine (the main shareholder of the Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant), the UPEC IG decided to withdraw from this project. 

There were carried out works on modernization of the serial products, and there were developed axles for road construction equipment, supplied to Amkodor (Minsk), Dormash (Orel), Chelyabinsk Road Machines Plant and other enterprises. Moreover, since 2004 LKMZ has launched the development of a new range of components for railway cars. Thus, LKMZ became one of the largest stamping manufacturers for car building and car repair enterprises of Ukrzaliznytsya – Azovmash, PJSC Krukov Car building Plant (Kremenchuk, Poltava region), etc. There was resumed production of special vehicles – traditional product group for LKMZ, which was not in demand for more than 10 years due to collapse of the USSR and the cessation of defense orders at the same time.

In 2005 the UPEC celebrates its 10th anniversary as one of the leading, most dynamically developing companies. For ten years of work the UPEC team recovered several dilapidated enterprises with huge debts. These enterprises are actively re-equipped and modernized; the new technologies are being mastered. In particular, HARP is preparing to launch a second forging and pressing line for the production of forging blanks for direct turning and cold rolling, which will allow to obtain high-quality bearing rings.

LKMZ has mastered the system of automated calculation and design of machines, mechanisms and structures, there was created a new site for the production of front axles for tractors and the new technologies for processing of transmission parts are practiced.

The head office of the company moves to a modern building on Marshal Batitskiy Str. with comfortable working conditions for the constantly growing personnel.

A new stage in the development of the company also found its symbolic reflection in the updated logo. Rationality and severity of blue – the "color of business", talking about confidence and success, complements the dark orange – symbolizing energy, creativity and enthusiasm. The gray color of the ellipse is associated with metal and symbolizes hardness, novelty and high-tech.











UPEC continues to invest in technical re-equipment and introduction of energy-saving technologies at enterprises.

HARP completes the first stage of the investment project with a total cost of $ 26 million.

LKMZ realizes the project on replacement of compressor equipment in the production of hot stamping parts with a total cost of EUR 0,5 million.

2007: the Investment Council was established to make decisions on strategic projects for UPEC enterprises that require intensive investments. The UPEC invests funds from the sale of Factorial Bank in the development of enterprises.

In the same year the ULK completes the first stage of an investment project with a total cost of more than EUR 4 million. In the framework of this project there were mounted new induction furnaces, the Omega molding line for medium and large casting, and the modern laboratory for quality control was created.

It begins the radical renewal of the HARP turning capacities with a total cost of about EUR 5 million.

HARVERST manufactures modernized roll grinding and cylindrical grinding machines for such enterprises as Mittal Still-Krivoy Rog, Zaporozhstal, Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Plant, Severstal, Novolipetsk Metallurgical Integrated Plant, Minsk Motor Plant and others.

At HELZ "Ukrelectromash" there was launched a three-year program on development new electric motors and pumping equipment.

In 2007, the new corporate traditions have been established. There were the first corporate clean-up event and the first corporate children's holiday "Summer in the UPEC country". On the eve of the Machine Builders Day there were held the first corporate contest of working professions and the contest "Maestro UPEC Designer", and there was designed a draft of a cup, which became a passing prize in the subsequent championships of professionals of the UPEC

2008: HARP presented a new production of bearing components by hot stamping, with investments of $ 12 million.

In February 2008, by order of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, the UKTBPP was designated as the parent organization for standardization in the bearing industry.

Kharkov Machine-Tool Building Plant has adopted a comprehensive program of technical re-equipment, costing about $ 15 million, having the term of 2,5 years. 

In 2008–2010, all enterprises and engineering centers of the UPEC Industrial Group implemented a comprehensive automation system KSA-2008 – the largest by its scope IT-project in Eastern Europe, which had no analogues in the CIS.

UPEC starts serious structural reforms, the purpose of which is the development as a client-oriented engineering industrial group. The company held a corporate seminar on strategic planning, within which there were identified strategic goals for 5 years and the necessary transformations to achieve them. The company introduces a divisional structure, and each of the divisions has its own basic engineering center (KB). The Joined Engineering Center (JEC) was established, headed by Dr. Eduard Simson, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

2009: HARVERST completed the next stage of the comprehensive program of technical re-equipment by commissioning of German high-tech machining equipment costing about EUR 2 million. The Engineering Center has been established on the base of the Experimental Design Bureau of Grinding Machines (OKBShS).

The project on production of railway bearings in Russian Federation under the HARP trademark was launched and there was created Oskol Bearing Plant.

To implement the engineering development strategy there was established the Air Turbo Technologies Department, headed by PhD, winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in the Field of Science and Technology, Vartan Petrosyants, which started the development of a new generation of energy-saving freon-free cooling and heating equipment with the air cycle. The energy component in the full name of the company has acquired a new interpretation –creation of innovative solutions in the field of energy-saving technologies. 

2010: UPEC declares aloud its achievements with the slogan "15 years of investment in engineering knowledge and machine building in Kharkov".

HARP has become the leader among the CIS bearing companies and begins to promote its new development to the markets of the CIS countries - a double cylindrical roller bearing unit CRU duplex, which successfully undergoes controlled operation on Russian railways.

LKMZ increases the volume of production of agricultural machinery and launches the production of hulls and axles for armored vehicles.

ULK expands the nomenclature of the average casting for railway, sets up production of the h of draft gear PMKP-110.

Within the framework of the round table "Innovative revival of the Kharkov engineering", the UPEC IG presented the air-cycle climate system (VKS) of the new generation.





our work and innovations make the world better


2011: UPEC begins creation of the laboratory for certification testing of railway bearings.

The Patriots Charity Foundation starts its work.

UPEC and Lozovaya City Council signed a social partnership agreement, within the framework of which the plant continues the program "LKMZ - for the city" and takes an active part in the social and cultural development of Lozovaya city.

UPEC is included in the short list of the most innovative companies in Ukraine.

2012: А. Girshfeld is a Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the VII convocation.

The Marketing Research Center (MRC) was created.

In the UPEC structure there was created a new subdivision – Agricultural Division.

The air-cycle climate equipment of a new generation successfully undergoes experimental and industrial operation. UPEC develops a highly efficient electric turbo compressor of a new generation.

Cartridge-type bearing units (TBU 1520 HARP, CRU-Duplex K2) and the air-cycle climate system were twice awarded the status of the "World premiere" at the InnoTrans exhibition of railway technologies and innovation in 2012 and 2014.

In 2013, LKMZ produces the DUCAT-16 disc harrow – the largest unit in the range of disc harrows of LKMZ and the second largest in Europe.

2014: A. Girshfeld wins in the early parliamentary elections and becomes a Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation.

Agricultural machinery of LKMZ is produced under a new brand name – LOZOVA MACHINERY.

2015: the UPEC IG is the only Ukrainian company which introduced the domestic manufacturer of tillage equipment, seed drills and components for agricultural machinery at the international agricultural exhibition AGRITECHNICA (Germany). Due to innovative solutions, implemented in agricultural machinery, and energy efficiency, LOZOVA MACHINERY earned the trust of domestic farmers and successfully competed with the leading foreign manufacturers. LOZOVA MACHINERY is actively promoted in the European market. 

In 2016, the Air Turbo Technologies Engineering Center presented the stationary air-cycle freon-free climate systems at the largest international exhibition AHR Expo in the United States and, as a result, negotiates on cooperation with a number of European and American companies.

The controlled operation of the innovative bearing unit CRU Duplex on the Russian Railways was successfully completed.

HARP expands the range of products with the bearings and bearing units of a new generation.

HARVERST develops grinding equipment of a new generation.

HELZ restructures production and improves the products.

LKMZ and LOZOVA MACHINERY expand the range of agricultural machinery and bring to the market domestic pneumatic seeding complex.

LOZOVA MACHINERY enters the new segment of the agricultural machinery market - production of trailers. This is a joint project of LOZOVA MACHINERY with one of the leading companies in the UK for the manufacture of agricultural trailers – Larrington Trailers. The UPEC Industrial Group invests about UAH 5 million in the development of new production.

HARVERST also begins to produce agricultural machinery.

SKB "Ukrelectromash" develops a new line of energy efficient induction motors and engines for shipbuilding.

NAEK Energoatom approves SKB “Ukrelectromash” as its official developer and supplier. This decision entitles the SKB to design, manufacture and supply electric motors to all Ukrainian NPPs, as well as to subdivisions of NAEK Energoatom.

HELZ "Ukrelectromash" expands the range of irrigation pumps, and also strengthens the leadership position of HELZ as the leading manufacturer of single-phase and three-phase asynchronous electric motors intended for the electric drives for all industries, agricultural industry, as well as consumer products - the irrigation and well pumps, feed mills.

Investments in engineering solutions are one of the basic platforms of the company's development.

We create products of a fundamentally new quality with a high share of intellect, we improve the conventional ones and develop new products in close cooperation with engineering services of customers. The company's work stipulates the development of a high-tech industry, and therefore, the growth of the entire Ukrainian economy and the well-being of its citizens.

A. Girshfeld, Honorary President of the UPEC IG: «We make a real contribution to the fact that Kharkov is associated for millions of people in our country and abroad, primarily with high-tech engineering, with science and innovation, revival and development!»


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