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The main differences between the cardan drive manufactured by LKMZ from other manufacturers (mainly Chinese ones) are in the field of quality and accuracy, first of all of the bearings cross assembled. Thus, the crosses manufactured by LKMZ are made of high quality steel with higher hardness, there are mounted to bearings with reinforced lip seal instead of simple protective rubber sponge; the bearings themselves are applied with a significantly (2-3 times less) total gap between the bearing needles and reduced difference in sizes of needles, and the hardness of the bearing cage is increased. These characteristics provide significant (not less than three times) increase of durability of both crosses assembled and cardans.

  • All important parts are hot forged.
  • All spline joints are heat treated with high frequency current for hardening and increasing wear resistance to pulsating loads during machine operation.
  • All yokes are hot-forged and made of high-quality carbon and chromium-containing steels

Reliability, durability, safety and trouble-free operation of your equipment depends, first of all, on quality spare parts.

Our fundamental target is to provide affordable and technically faultless spare parts.

Spare parts LKMZ are manufactured on modern equipment and pass complex quality control.

How to order

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