Front wheel hub bearing

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HARP is one of the main suppliers of bearing products for the conveyor company JSC ZAZ.

Upgraded front wheel hub bearing 6-256907AEK12L19 is applied in automobiles LANOS, SENS, Tavriya, Slavuta, VAZ-2108, VAZ-2109, VAZ-21099, VAZ-2110, VAZ-2111, VAZ-2112. Serial deliveries to the automotive plants have been carried out since 2011.
Also upgraded hub bearing 6-256907AEK12L19 is successfully applied in the manufacture of agricultural implements: disc harrows, cultivators, maintenance-free bearing unit HARP AGRO UNIT

Designation of the upgraded bearing is 6-256907АЕК12L19.


The bearing has significantly improved durability and efficiency that are achieved due to:

— manufacture of bearing rings from work pieces obtained by hot forging;
— application of lip type seals instead of ordinary rubber seals;
— application CHEVRON SRI GREASE NLG12 grease, as well as BERUTOX 18EP FE (L20) grease

Implementation of such improvements will increase durability of the bearing in two or more times, as well as bearings tightness, secure the bearing against moisture and dirt. The cage design provides a good distribution of grease between working surfaces of the bearing parts.

Overall dimensions
Number of balls, pcs
Axial clearance
Load capacity
d D B min max Динамическая Статическая
34 64 37 28 0,04 0,06 40 000 27 800 CHEVRON SRIGREASE NLGI2, 8…9,5г. 0,462 Up to 600 000 km

Difference between HARP hub bearing and analogues of other manufacturers

HARP hub bearing
Analogues of other manufacturers
Work pieces are hot forged
Work pieces are made from pipe
Application of two-lip type seal with a spring (K12).
In the future construction will be changed for four-lip seal K14
Application of ordinary seals.
Application of ball with diameter of 10 mm, that allows to increase 
load capacity with an equal number of balls.
Application of  ball with diameter of 9,525 mm.  ⁠

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