Cardan shafts and double yokes

Advantages of the cardans, manufactured by LKMZ:
  • All the critical components of the cardan drive are hot-forged and machined on special automatic lines at the LKMZ facilities.
  • All spline joints are heat treated with high frequency current for hardening and increasing wear resistance to pulsating loads during machine operation.
  • All yokes are hot-forged and made of high-quality carbon and chromium-containing steels.
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 Another advantage is the technologically complex method of machining the components and balancing each cardan drive. The balancing process is very important for the correct and durable operation of the unit.

Before delivery to the customer, all products pass the obligatory complex of various tests.

The quality of products, confirmed by international organizations, has earned the consumer confidence. Nowadays, spare parts for agricultural and special equipment, manufactured by LKMZ, are very popular.

Application of the unique technologies makes it possible to manufacture complex shaped parts with a high level of accuracy and metal consumption⁠.

CARDAN SHAFTS. Technical data
CARDAN YOKES. Technical data


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