Repair and modernization of machine tools

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Modernization process includes the following types of work:
  • capital repair
  • renovation of original accuracy characteristics (grinding of guiding bars and spindle taper)
  • substitution of outdated units and CNC systems for modern equipment
  • substitution of electric and hydraulic equipment for modern equipment.

All kind of works for machines modernization depending on complexity can be provided on the territory of Kharkiv Machine-Tool Building Plant or on the Customer’s side.

Due to presence of high-accurate equipment and competent specialists such as engineers, technologists and machine-operators, Kharkiv Machine-Tool Building Plant “Kharverst” provides qualitative repair and modernization of previously manufactured machines.

-          For metallurgy industry can be proposed two levels of capital repair and modernization of roll-grinding machines.

-          For bearing industry can be proposed unique possibilities to bring machines into conformity with modern requirements with the help of significant changes in design, installation of modern CNC systems, etc.

-          Other directions of repair and modernization.

The warranty period after the modernization and capital repair is at least 12 months.

More information about the possibilities of machining and stamp-industrial manufacturing facilities you can find at the plant's website.

Mechanic processing and further assembling of units and adjustment of the mechanisms of the machine tools are carried out by highly qualified personnel of the factory workers and engineers. The precision of manufacturing parts and the assembly is continuously monitored by the quality and product certification services.


How to order

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