Elevator equipment

Safety and reliability of operation are the basic requirements for elevators. Only the quality of the mechanical parts and electrical equipment can provide them. The Engineering and Manufacturing Center UKRELECTROMASH (SKB) offers unique elevator motors and winches, the quality of design, development and manufacturing of which serves as a guarantee of their reliability.

Manufactured on the basis of advanced technologies using modern element base and materials, elevator electric motors and winches manufactured by the SKB meet all European quality standards and can be used both in new construction and for modernization and replacement of equipment of elevators that are already operated.


For the elevator industry we offer energy efficient motors for driving both gear winches and gearless winches of modern elevators with a speed of 1-1.6 m / s and more and a carrying capacity of up to 1000 kg.

Electric motors manufactured by the SKB are operated in elevators, usually for 25 years or more, without requiring repair. Average life before overhaul is 20 000 h.

A distinctive feature of all our elevator motors is the temperature protection built into the winding, which excludes the electric motor from failing in emergency operation modes.

Another unquestionable advantage of the electric motors manufactured by the SKB is the capacity of 3.55 kW, which provides a safety margin, significantly increases the motor's life and extends its service life by 30-40%.

In the Ukrainian market these motors are the only ones of their kind in these parameters, since analogues from other manufacturers have lower power (up to 3 kW) and are not equipped with built-in temperature protection

Motors do not require routine maintenance during operation.

Unlike many analogues that work on plain bearings, our electric motors use closed bearings of our own production (HARP). This, along with the remaining design features of the motor, increases the efficiency of the elevator and reduces power consumption.



The advantages of gearless winches manufactured by the SKB are high efficiency, low noise and vibration level, increased life and service life.

Calculation of energy savings with the use of elevator winches manufactured by the SKB indicates that the savings for the lifetime of 1 winch can reach 25 thousand UAH.

Each electric motor equipped with thermal relay, allows to avoid overheating of winding and its failure during operation in different emergency situations.

In addition elevator winches manufactured by the SKB can be equipped with built-in diagnostics and protection elements, which significantly increases the level of safety of the movement of elevator passengers.

According to the individual requirements of the customer, an electronic unit can be additionally designed and installed that provides the accumulation of data on the operation of the winch, emergency situations, and monitoring of other parameters of the electric motor necessary for the forecast of the remaining resource.

The use of electric motors and gearless elevator winches manufactured by the SKB for the modernization of the elevator industry allows us to save from 15 up to 25% of electricity annually, significantly improve the comfort and safety of transportation of passengers.

At present the company develops gearless elevator winches with electric motor on permanent magnets.

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