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Over the past two centuries railway transport has been and still remains one of the most important basic industries of any country. It provides domestic and international transport and economic connections, as well as passenger transport. Public railway transport is becoming an alternative for public transport for cities and suburbs. Such vehicles as suburban trains, metro or light rail vehicles, transport passengers around the world, so we should expect their further development in Ukraine and Russia, as well as in neighboring countries.

However, railways in the post-soviet countries often face the problems of renovation of rolling stock and modernization of worn-out fleet. HARP plant, a member of the UPEC Industrial Group, represents different models of modern bearings for railway transport to improve its performance. UPEC engineering centers are actively involved in the development of axle boxes for various bogies. The priority is to increase the lifetime, reliability and safety of all railway products.

CRU DUPLEX (Cylindrical Roller Unit) for freight and passenger cars

Double radial roller bearing with short cylindrical rollers and shields.

CRU Duplex is designed for installation in axle boxes of freight cars with axle load of 23,5 ton-force and pedestal opening of 320 mm, as well as in the axle boxes of passenger cars. Its design is completely interchangeable with existing units and it can be installed instead of series-produced CRB bearings (36-42726E2M and 36-232726E2M)..

The main result of the optimization of design and technology is increased maintenance interval of more than 2,5 times (over 800 000 km).

Results of controlled operation on the Russian Railways network:

In freight cars, which are equipped with CRU Duplex bearings, there was recorded an increase of operational reliability of axle boxes – the number of uncouplings due to axle boxes faults per year in one freight car is 4 times less than in freight cars, which are equipped with conventional cylindrical bearings.


Double-row radial roller bearing with short cylindrical rollers, shields and seals

This is a sealed (cartridge) double-row bearing unit with a solid outer ring, greased with Klüberplex BEM 41-132 HARP, matched by radial and axial clearances and inner diameters of inner rings. The bearing is designed for installation in axle boxes of locomotives. The microgeometry of rollers and bearing rings is distinguished by optimized profiles, stricter requirements (letter «Y») for surface machining and special heat treatment of materials.


New design has the following advantages:
  • extended maintenance-free period up to 1 mil. km;
  • significantly reduced wear and high energy efficiency with the unique Klüberplex BEM 41-132 HARP grease;
  • high reliability with the optimized design, improved technologies and use of the unique grease;
  • low operating costs due to simplification of mounting and dismounting, increased maintenance intervals, and no need for additional lubrication;
  • reduced vibration and noise level, which directly effects on the quality of units (in particular, traction motors and reduction gearboxes).

HARP bearings for railways

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