Shipbuilding and naval industry


Life support systems for underwater and surface vessels of civil and military use require unique special low-noise and low-magnetic electric motors, which are unique in their design, electrical, mechanical and other parameters. The Engineering and Manufacturing Center "Ukrelectromash" (SKB) is a developer and manufacturer, which constantly searches for new approaches to the development of electric motors, pumps and other aggregate devices. Modern trends in electrical engineering is the desire for energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, manageability, and these are the principles that underlie the development of new products. These developments are widely used in civil and military shipbuilding.

The company is the only developer in the CIS countries and one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of motors in the 2DMSH, 3DMSH, 4DMSh series and others in marine and special-purposed versions from 63 mm to 200 mm of the height of the axis of rotation, power from 0.18 to 30 kW for the drive of ship mechanisms of the Navy and the civilian fleet.

Our motors are widely used on ships of the river and marine fleet to drive ship fans (centrifugal, axial, etc.), air conditioners, various pumps (seawater, fresh water, hydraulic pumps, vacuum pumps, etc.), as well as compressors.

The company is also the developer, manufacturer and supplier of a series of high-speed motors (400 Hz) of DMH, HDR, DCRO, AOL, DFO, DF series for driving fans, pumps, compressors and other auxiliary mechanisms. In particular, the motors of the DFO and DMC series are equipped with airborne assault ships of the Zubr type, project 12322.

The company manufactures products of its own design for 156 different technical conditions, more than 2000 standard designs.

Only the basic series of marine motors of 2MMSH 63-112 series according to TU 16-513.484-80 and 2DMSH 132-200 series according to TU 16-513.485-80 assumes 241 standard versions.

The motors of the marine version of AIR71-OM2 ÷ AIR100-OM2 type are used mainly for driving the mechanisms of the river fleet.

Induction motors of AIRB80E2EBO-M5 type of specialized design with electromagnetic brake and manual disinhibition device, with built-in temperature protection are designed for driving the mechanisms of bridge cranes installed on vessels with an unlimited area of navigation and operating from the network with frequency of 50Hz.

The biggest part of the motors is manufactured with acceptance of marine Register and customer acceptance for shipbuilding on Navy’s requests. 


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