Domestic household



Today at farmer and private household is widely developed poultry and cattle breeding. But it needs preparation of different types of feed, which can be very labor consuming deal. Because great attention shall be put on quality of food as well as on its processing. This fact is influence on animal’s health. The UPEC Industrial Group proposes household solutions, which can turn this work into pleasure, simplifying the process of preparation of food and mixtures for household animals.

Irreplaceable assistants in household deals in case of poultry and cattle breeding are feed and corn mills.

This device has small size, can be mounted in small premises. Depending from height of the feed mill changes operating volume. It is corn mill and feed mill in one frame, which consume little amount of electric energy while big amount of milled corn/feed.

The feed mill is designed for grinding of wheat, rye, barley, corn as well as straw, steam feed, juicy roots, fruits, vegetables.

Such multi-operated feed mills can be used for processing of several types of products simultaneously, but in this case productivity is increasing, and time costs are reducing.

The feed mill is designed for grinding of:
  • feed grain with selected size of grinding
  • mature corn-cobs
  • juicy roots with minimal juicy extraction
  • straw, stem feed.

IKOR feed mill design advantages:
  • The mill is provided with protective relay. Automatic device switches off electric motor in time in case of malfunction operating modes excluding the possibility of motor breakage.
  • Limit switch prevents switching on of feed mill in case of removed frontal surface during the maintenance of grinding mechanism.
  • Grinding mechanism unit of hammer type is made of high-strength engineering steel. It reduces essentially load on the motor and increases its life time.
  • In the feed mill are set closed-type bearings, which do not need lubrication replenishment.
  • The feed mill housing is painted inside and outside with firm powdered color.

Feed mills of IKOR series will be effective supplementary device because of which animal feeding become various, more fruitful and will be easily assimilated.

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