Agricultural industry

Soil is probably the most reliable and grateful source of income. Its fertility and yield fully depend on a caring owner. Reasonably invested money in the development of new cultivation technologies allows farmers to increase productivity and improve crop quality, reduce costs and increase profits, as well as to save soil fertility.

Today, when the prices on commodity markets are reduced, the advanced agricultural technologies and effective use of available resources are especially important.


The basis of LOZOVA MACHINERY is energy-efficiency, combined with high performance and technical innovations.

When designing machines we lay competitive advantages in order to achieve high technical level, optimum performance parameters, strength, durability, progressive operation modes, etc.

For example, the DUCAT disc harrows ensure high-speed stubble cultivation and perfect seedbed preparation, reduce fuel consumption by over 30% and increase productivity in 1,5 times compared to conventional harrows. 

LOZOVA MACHINERY is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of the full line of disc harrows (with working width from 2,5 to 16,75 m).

Energy efficiency, innovative technical solutions with emphasis on reliability of parts and strength of the whole construction – these are competitive advantages of the LOZOVA

MACHINERY implements, which allow to compete with the world leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

ZLATNIK no-till seed drill – modern, versatile implement, which has no analogues in Ukraine. The implement has one of the best European seeding systems with seeding control and there are realized the best practices of seeding machines. The ZLATNIK can be applied both for min-till and no-till technologies due to the seeding unit with reinforced double disc coulters. Fluted discs in front of each coulter enable operation with a lot of stubble remains and under no-till technology. The seed drill is applied for wide range of crops (from poppy to bean). Seed drill has modular design, so the tank can be used both individually and together with other seeding units or tillage implements.

DUCAT disc harrows ensure high-speed harrowing and high-quality seedbed preparation, reducing the fuel consumption by 30%. The effectiveness is 1,5 times higher compared to traditional harrows due to the spring tine and maintenance-free HARP-AGRO bearing units.

LIRA spring-tooth harrow – legendary tillage machine, which has been popular among farmers over 16 years. This machine holds leading positions among tooth harrows due to unequal quality and reliability, resource of the working tools, simplicity and effectiveness. The LIRA harrow can increase productivity of the unit for application of the plant protecting agents and complex fertilizers – REAL. Unit consists of the trailed sprayer with a set of easy-mounted equipment. The unit ensures an effective fertilizers application, minimization of fertilizers lost and maintenance costs due to simultaneous incorporation into the soil in one pass.

CROWN no-till unit – application of the tillage attachment with the conventional grain drill of SZ type allows using it as a min-till and no-till unit with minimum investments

CHERVONETS seedbed cultivator – provides high-quality seedbed preparation in one pass, creates a perfect seed bed: compacted layer, embedded with well-loosened soil on top. Due to specially designed frame and various working tools the implement can be used for almost all types of seedbed preparation.

SHILLING intensive stubble cultivator – is applied for stubbling, primary cultivation and seedbed preparation. The implement provides high-quality cultivation with precise depth control and evenly levelled seedbed.

FRANC and GULDEN subsoilers – the most effective machines for improving water-air regimes, creating of mulch layer and breaking of any soil shoe.

THALER system carrier – convenient, cost-effective and versatile implement for mounting of several machines in order to obtain wide-coverage implement.

POUND land roller – the unique cylindrical surface of toothed rings provides an optimal soil compacting with additional levelling effect.

LOZOVA MACHINERY – innovative technologies and proven solutions, which can increase profit and show, that MONEY WORKS!



In the framework of joint Ukrainian-British manufacture of agriculture trailers, established in 2016 with one of the leading companies in UK Larrington Trailers, LOZOVA MACHINERY offers innovative trailers, which are manufactured at the UPEC enterprises.

Among the competitive advantages of the Harvester trailers are strength steel sloping body, robust suspension, bigger viewing window, special low-pressure tires, and safety elements (LED lighting and synchronized dual-circuit pneumatic and hydraulic braking system).

Two-axle self-discharging trailer with modernized chassis is used for transportation and discharge of grain, root crops, ensilage and other.



Specially for manufacturers of agricultural machinery there have been developed HARP AGRO UNIT bearing units – series of solid, maintenance-free (but completely repairable) bearing units, optimized for application in tillage and seeding machines with discs of different diameters (cultivators and harrows, subsoilers, seed drills and other).

HARP AGRO UNIT increases productivity of the agricultural machinery by 150% and reduce costs by 30%.

Bearing units have superreliable three-level protection of the bearing from any pollution.

They don’t require additional lubrication during service life and allow to replace the bearing without housing replacement.

HARP AGRO UNIT can be applied in the most of European disc harrows – Lemken Rubin, Great Plains, Einböck, Rabe, Quivogne, Gregoire Besson, Vogel&Noot, Köckerling, Horsch Joker, Hatzenbichler Disko, and seed drills – Sunflower 9000, Salford, Elvorti (Chervona Zirka) and other machines. 

HARP AGRO UNIT can be applied both in domestic and imported agricultural machinery, being a good alternative to expensive units. 



HARP-AGRO bearings for agricultural machinery are distinguished by strength, reliability, durability and tightness.

The dimensional accuracy and calculated rates enable application of bearings in heavy-loaded units and mechanisms of modern agricultural machinery with high dynamic loads. The X-SHIELD® sealing with increased tightness allows bearings to contact the dust environment and operate efficiently in extreme operating conditions. The bearings are protected from any mechanical damage.

Reliability of the HARP-AGRO bearings has been highly praised by CIS leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery, including Rostselmash and Gomselmash, Minsk Tractor Plant and Borisov Plant of Aggregates, Bobruiskagromash and Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Aggregates. Also HARP-AGRO bearings are widely used in combines, tractors, balers, harvesters and other aggregates of CLAAS, John Deere, New Holland, CASE, JACOBSEN and other manufacturers.



Bearing units are optimized for application in tillage, seeding and harvesting machines of such world leading manufacturers as John Deere, Claas, Case, New Holland, Lemken and other.

Pillow block bearings units can operate at heavy loads, have enhanced protection and wide application. One of the distinctive features is complete interchangeability of the bearing and housing at any required time. They also have grease fitting for greasing, which provides increased service life and efficiency.



Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant was initially built to cover needs of the Kharkov tractor Plant (HTZ), and today it manufactures over 300 items of axles and spare parts for the HTZ tractors.

The main products are: driving axles, drive shafts, mounted and trailed couplers, elements of drive system of the HTZ, Slobozhanets and Yarylo tractors. There is a full range of parts and units, so they can be supplied to the secondary market as spare parts.

Proven manufacturing technology, quality management system, control of the geometric dimensions with a coordinate measuring machine «Venzel» (USA), control of heat treatment and coating quality, mechanical properties by means of devices and equipment of express laboratories and TsZL – all of this provide the required parameters and high reliability of the LKMZ parts.     



The IKOR feed mills are designed for grinding of forage crops, such as wheat, rye, barley, corn, buckwheat, as well as straw, stalky and root crops, vegetables, fruits.

Such versatile feed mills can be used for grinding of several products at the same time, while productivity increases, and time costs are reduced.

The mills are compact and can be installed in small premises. The work volume depends on the height. Grain grinder-feed mill in one housing consumes small amount of electricity with a large feed output.

The IKOR feed mill will serve as effective auxiliary machine, a real helper for quick and economical preparation of forage for birds and animals⁠.


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