Certification and research testing services for bearing units

Certification and research testing services for bearing units

Such a complex task as designing of a new generation long-life and energy-efficient bearing units cannot be solved without reliable experimental verification of mathematical simulation results and final confirmation of the product’s technical level by certification tests. For this purpose, the UPEC Industrial Group in its Testing Center has established the unique research and certification laboratory for bearing units.

The laboratory is equipped with three testing rigs completely designed on mechatronic assemblies (in cooperation with Beckhoff) and two rigs with traditional hydraulic loading systems (in cooperation with Blumenbecker). The testing rigs are designed not only to determine gamma-percentile time to failure of axle bearings, according to GOST certification methods and European safety regulations EN 12082, but also to perform a wide range of researches. Among the important characteristics of these testing rigs there is a possibility to simulate specific static and dynamic loads and skewness inherent in three-element designs of bogies and “1520 gage” operating conditions.

Automated Control System for testing rigs as well as monitoring of information make it possible to change test programs easily and provide on-line access throughout the testing process.

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