The main goal of the CAD/CAM/PLM center is realization of automation projects of engineering and technological preparation and computer assistance of engineering activity for companies, engineering centers and design bureaus of the UPEC Industrial Group.

Achievement of the tasks is provided by the introduction of the world's most popular product for development of products based on the integrated CAD/ CAM/ CAE solutions of the Pro/ENGINEER system.

The center is represented by:

  • CAD/CAM group: for engineering preparation of production (including design, engineering and reengineering, creation and maintenance of databases);
  • The CAPP group: for technological preparation of production (including the introduction of the CAD system of the CCI "Vertical" and integrated universal technological directories);
  • The PLM/PDM group: for maintenance of engineering activities at all stages of the product life cycle (Windchill system);

A highly professional team of experts, design engineers, technologists and managers of the CAD/ CAM/ PLM Center, who has access to the world's best practices, has knowledge of management processes, training methods and work on adaptation of software complexes in accordance with the specifics of the company, as well as using the accumulated knowledge bases, professionally solves many problems connected with the introduction of integrated automation of machine building at the enterprises of the UPEC Industrial Group.


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