IT Center

IT Center

The main goal of the IT center is the development of information technologies and information infrastructure of the companies of the UPEC Industrial Group in accordance with business needs, as well as the administration and support of the uninterrupted functioning of the used IT services.

IT center is represented by:

  • Department of development and implementation of information systems is engaged in the implementation, development and support of corporate configurations of accounting and ERP systems on the platform of "1C: Enterprise 7.7.", "1C: Enterprise 8.1.", "1C: Enterprise 8.2.", "1C: Enterprise 8.3.".
  • The IT Development Department is responsible for planning and coordinating of projects for the development of IT infrastructure and corporate IT services, administrating and supporting corporate IT resources, coordinating the activities of IT departments of all company’s enterprises.
  • The Information Systems Operation Department is responsible for administrating and supporting of IT infrastructure and IT services at the company's head office

The main tasks of the IT center can be identified as follows:

  • Implementation of a complex system of operational and accounting registering (including the calculation of the actual cost of manufactured products with semi-finished method) on the 1C platform in all production assets of the company. The total number of users is about 400. Currently, the implemented solutions are being developed in the direction of planning and budgeting.
  • Further development of the corporate network using high-level communication equipment in order to increase the reliability, throughput and expansion of the provided services.
  • Realization of the project for the implementation of the basic ITIL processes: "service level management", "incident management", as well as "configuration management" in all IT departments of the UPEC Industrial Group.

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