UNPK "Tehnograd"

UNPK "Tehnograd"

The Industrial Group UPEC, one of the biggest companies in Ukraine engaged in machine-building business and one of most competent technical educational institutions of Ukraine- National Engineering University "Kharkov Polytechnical Institute (KhPI)" signed an agreement about establishing an Educational-Research and Production Complex (UNPK) "Technograd". UNPK "Tekhnograd" is intended to restore at a new level fruitful links among science, production and education that existed in the past and is a special form of cooperation between the Industrial Group UPEC and National Engineering University "KhPI".

The first project in a series of educational programs within the framework of the UNPK "Tekhnograd" was creating a specialized training class, the result of cooperation of the National Engineering University "KhPI", IG UPEC, РТС (USA) and Pro/TECHNOLOGIES (Russia). This class is designed for training high-skilled specialists for the real sector of the economy, first of all, of the machine-building industry, who immediately after graduation will be able to begin work on solving complicated engineering and production assignments. Training will be carried out by original curriculums with utilization of experience and methods of world-wide famous Massachusetts Technological Institute (USA) and Bauman Moscow Higher Technological Institute (Russia).

To create a regional program of energy-saving, carry out technical energy audit, execute projects and programs of energy saving in Kharkov region is one of the most important scientific areas of research of the UNPK "Tekhnograd". To this end within the framework of the UNPK "Tekhnograd" a Consortium "Energoeffektivnost’" was established together with specialized consulting and engineering enterprises. The Consortium is supposed to become an infrastructure site of Kharkov and the Region’ for resolution of these pressing problems.

Within the framework of the project training and improving qualification of engineering and scientific personnel will be implemented in compliance with requirements of modern science and production, and also research and designing work will be conducted on creating new science-based and competitive machinery.

To unite scientific pedagogical and scientific-production personnel of close specialties as well as facilities and equipment, scientific-methodological and science-production resources for effective execution of educational, scientific and other assignments of the higher educational school is one more target of the Project.

President of the Industrial Group UPEC Anatoliy Girshfeld emphasized the idea that competitiveness and economic effectiveness of operation of the Industrial Group as well as of the whole real sector of the economy of Ukraine to a great extent depends on implementation of up-to-date researches and engineering designs into production. Also we believe it is important to preserve succession of engineering knowledge: together with KhPI we are elaborating syllabuses of education and practice for students in order to replenish and renew the engineering staff of enterprises of the Industrial Group, - he said.

One of initiators and organizers of establishing "Tekhnograd" Director of R&D-centre of UPEC INDUSTRIAL GROUP Eduard Simson declared, that the main task of "Tekhnograd" is to restore succession of "best Kharkov traditions of science and production integration". But we build this cooperation on a new base, on that up-to-date level and technologies which are characteristic for leading world universities and engineering centres of large industrial companies to a great degree ensuring their competitive position on the markets, - he said.

Within the framework of research area of "Tekhnograd" activity the following assignments will be realized:

  • Development of projects of power saving, implementation of modern energy saving technologies and launching output of new energy-saving objects of production;
  • Development of new and improvement of the existing designs of bearing assemblies;
  • Research in the area of new materials and improvement of chemical and heat treatment of parts of machines and assemblies;
  • Development of mechatronic, adaptive, contactless bearings and support assemblies of rotor machines;
  • Creation and putting into production of new types of electric machines and electric drives
  • Development of adaptive systems of optimal control for numerically controlled machines of new generation;
  • Research in the area of foundry production;
  • Development of new units and mechanisms for tractor , automobile, harvester and agricultural equipment;
  • Wide implementation of integrated systems of automatic design and information follow-up of the life cycle of CAE/CAD/CAM/PLM item;
  • Development of special-purpose instrumentation and testing equipment.

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