Department of turbine technologies was created in July, 2009, in the frames of realization of engineering strategy of development of the UPEC Industrial Group, as a result of long-term cooperation of the UPEC with scientific and manufacturing company “Turbo Vesta”, headed by the present Head of the Department, Petrosyants Vartan.

The department is developing a fundamentally new generation of alternative heat engineering devices, freon-free refrigeration equipment, electric turbo compressors and other thermal engineering equipment of the hi-tech class for usage in a wide range of industries, building and other spheres, including economics.

The new generation of heat engineering equipment is based on fundamental thermodynamic statements and high-precision mathematical modeling, using several know-how of the air-conditioning system cycle (ATT), unique technologies and includes the most modern components from several areas of high-tech equipment:

  • High efficient compressor stages;
  • High efficient turbine stages;
  • High-speed electric motors;
  • aerodynamic bearings;
  • High efficient heat exchangers of the new design;
  • automatic control devices.

Department of turbine technologies creates machines and aggregates, which are based on a unique combination of know-how of the company in several areas of engineering knowledge and actively developing areas of technology:

  • Modeling and optimization of high efficient turbine compressors;
  • Usage of high-speed high efficient electric motors;
  • Calculation and designing of contact-free bearings;
  • Usage of modern high efficient heat-exchanging devices;
  • Modeling and optimization of thermal technical schemes.


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