SKB UKRELECTROMASH was in the former USSR the general design bureau on development, projecting, manufacturing of pilot and small batches of special-purpose electric motors, as well as wide range of general-purpose electric motors of small and middle heights of axis of rotation.

In the technical archive of the company are more than 150 operating specifications (sets of design documentation) for more than 2000 types of electrical engineering products of the highest technical level. On the basis of design documentation of the SKB electric motors are still manufactured at the majority of electrical engineering companies in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR (including nuclear power plants).

At present, the SKB UKRELECTROMASH is the leading Ukrainian manufacturer and developer of:

  • unique in their design, electrical, mechanical and other parameters special electric motors that are used in life support systems for underwater and surface vessels, mining equipment, air defense systems, nuclear power plants, railway locomotives and other fields of technology and economics;
  • and also, general industrial electric motors of small and medium heights of axis of rotation, generators, electric pumps, high-speed electric turbo compressors, other aggregated devices integrated with the electric drive.

The "calling card" of the special electric motors developed by the SKB Ukrelectromash is their "low noise" (extremely low level of mechanical vibrations and acoustic noise of electric motor elements) and "low-magnetic" (extremely low level of the electromagnetic field around the electric motor), which provides special properties of special equipment, which fully meet the most modern requirements, both civil and military.

The SKB Ukrelectromash can supply electric motors in the range of heights of axis of rotation from 56 mm up to 355 mm, with capacities from 370 W up to 200 kW, with speeds from 100 rpm up to 30,000 rpm. Electric motors can be carried out in any climate version with any degree of protection (and explosion protection), as well as specially designed for frequency control.

The SKB Ukrelectromash has in its content a Test Center, which has no analogues in Ukraine, equipped with automatic stands and special testing equipment, including stands of its own production, which allow carrying out comprehensive tests of special and general industrial electric motors: electromagnetic, vibro-acoustic (including special acoustic chambers with an accuracy of 0.1 dB), mechanical (including shock up to 150g (!), vibrating up to 1000 Hz, periodic shock with a frequency of 120 bpm), heat and climatic tests in special chambers etc.

The design of electric motors in the SKB Ukrelectromash is carried out using one of the most modern automated CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM / PDM systems, consisting of 52 software products for various purposes on a single software platform of the American company RTS (Windchill / ProEngineer / ProMechanica etc.) integrated with specialized complex of electromagnetic, mechanical and thermal calculations of electric motors.

The SKB UKRELECTROMASH supplies products of special-purpose to the countries of CIS and Europe through the structures of Ukroboronprom concern, including Ukrspetsexport, with which it cooperates for a long time.

The company has its own complete technological cycle of production, including stamping, aluminum casting, winding and impregnation, machining, painting, assembling and testing. At all stages of manufacturing the products go through the technical control, where is necessary customer acceptance. At the final stage, the products pass acceptance tests, and, if necessary, deeper tests.

At the same time, the company applies outsourcing for those units and technological areas that go beyond its dimensions or other technological characteristics for the capabilities of existing equipment.

A huge archive of developments, great practical experience in the creation of special-purpose electric motors, ability to quickly and efficiently develop new equipment, allowed to the SKB Ukrelektromash to gain a strong reputation as a leading developer of electrical products and a reliable partner for many customer companies.


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