LOZOVA MACHINERY at Kharkiv PromDays-2021

LOZOVA MACHINERY at Kharkiv PromDays-2021


LOZOVA MACHINERY presented their achievements and opportunities at the specialized exhibition-forum "Kharkiv PromDays 2021" (March 24-26, Kharkov). The event became a communication platform for expanding business relationships and finding new partners.

The range of LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment includes more than 30 thousand tillage units for various types of soil and tillage technologies, which are supplied all over the world. Currently, the brand's sales geography covers over 22 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.

LOZOVA MACHINERY is the only Ukrainian manufacturer that presents its products on such a large scale on world markets. It annually takes part in more than 100 agricultural events, exhibitions, demo shows and Field Days, including its own organization. Today the company is already preparing for the world's largest agricultural exhibition - AGRITECHNICА-2021.


All LOZOVA MACHINERY machines are distinguished by patented engineering solutions, including the original innovative concept - "ZERO MAINTENANCE", in which the equipment does not require maintenance throughout the entire life cycle. Both small farms and the largest agricultural holdings have already appreciated the maximum efficiency and productivity of machines with minimal costs for fuel and lubricants.

LOZOVA MACHINERY aims to improve the environmental friendliness of agricultural production, reduce the use of herbicides, obtain a high economic effect, functionality, reliability, autonomy and ease of operation.

The company always keeps up with technical innovations and constantly improves its products to meet the rapidly changing needs of the modern agricultural industry.

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