DINAR-6 is a novelty of the agricultural season-2021

DINAR-6 is a novelty of the agricultural season-2021


LOZOVA MACHINERY opened the exhibition season 2021 with a premiere at the Grain Tech Expo. The improved DINAR rotary harrow with a working width of 6 meters was among new equipment.

Thanks to their ability to break down even heavy-duty soil crust safely for winter crops, rotary harrows have become the most popular spring tillage implements today. However, despite the variety of offers, there are quite a few simple, light and highly productive implements on the market that could be easily aggregated with light tractors.

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To meet these needs, this year LOZOVA MACHINERY has produced the lightest rotary harrows on the market with a working width of 6-12 meters.

DINAR has gained new characteristics and has become much lighter. The harrow fully meets the high requirements of modern farms. It has a long service life and is suitable for any soil cultivation technology.

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The unit has rotary discs, which are mounted on spring struts. It ensures optimum pressure of the discs on the soil. At the same time, the weight of the 6-meter unit is less than 1 ton, which is the lightest indicator on the market. This allows the harrow to be aggregated even with an 80 hp tractor.


In addition to the high-quality destruction of the soil crust during pre-emergence and post-emergence harrowing, DINAR closes moisture, aerates the soil and destroys weeds in the white thread phase. The machine is used for continuous and inter-row cultivation of various cereals, row crops and vegetables on all types of soils. The undoubted advantage is that DINAR works carefully on high seedlings up to 20 cm.

The machine cultivates the soil to a depth up to 5 cm and can reach speeds of up to 20 km/h. This is an excellent feature for this type of rotary harrow! Moreover the harrow is equipped with support wheels to control the immersion of the working bodies in the soil.

And of course, LOZOVA MACHINERY has implemented “ZERO MAINTENANCE” principle in their equipment. Thanks to it, farmers can save time and resources, increasing the profitability and efficiency of agricultural enterprises.

In general, the novelty is distinguished by ease of operation, high productivity and an optimal working width for processing any sown areas.

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