HARP re-equips laboratory facilities

HARP re-equips laboratory facilities

Technical re-equipment

Kharkiv Bearing Plant is constantly working to improve its products, adhering to the highest technological standards. The quality of the products is carefully monitored at all stages of production, from the receipt of metal at the factory to the shipment of bearings to the customer.

For these purposes, the plant introduces new equipment, modernizes the machine park, updates production and laboratory facilities. Recently, the Central Laboratory of HARP was supplemented with a modern control and measuring device - differential scanning calorimeter DSC-500.


The equipment is used to determine the lower melting point of glass fiber reinforced polyamide cages. HARP specialists perform input and output control of cage material. Such diagnostic method is necessary to establish the compliance of axlebox bearings of the European type WJ/WJP (for 1435 mm gauge) with the requirements of the European standard EN 12080.

Among the main advantages of the DSC-500 are high accuracy and sensitivity, which allows to get the most correct results.

This method helps to confirm the wear resistance of the materials used in the manufacture of bearings, which is important for confirming their high performance, reliability and safety.

HARP has long entered the EU market and is actively working with international product standardization systems. The implementation of the technical re-equipment program will enable HARP to significantly expand the geography of export and increase the range of bearings for international market.

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