AGRO SPRING 2021: LOZOVA MACHINERY - the future is today

AGRO SPRING 2021: LOZOVA MACHINERY - the future is today


LOZOVA MACHINERY presented actual equipment for spring tillage at the international exhibition GRAIN TECHNOLOGIES-2021.
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LARI tooth drag harrow with a 15 meters working width is among the equipment on the display. The machine is indispensable for starting seasonal work. It is the first to start in the field, even on waterlogged soil. Its undoubted advantage is reliable and heavy-duty working bodies, which turned out to be the most wear-resistant on the market, overtaking the world's leading brands.

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LARI is a versatile unit that can be easily converted into LIRA XL heavy tooth harrow. These two implements are created on a single frame. Purchasing one unit and a set from the second, farmers get two units of equipment for the price of nearly one.

The premiere at the exhibition was a novelty - an improved DINAR rotary harrow with a working width of 6 meters. The unit has become lighter by 400 kg and this will allow it to be aggregated with tractors with a capacity of 80 hp, thereby reducing the cost of fuel and lubricants. Due to its ability to destroy even the strongest soil crust safely for winter crops, DINAR has received the status of the most popular spring tillage tool.

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LOZOVA MACHINERY has developed and produces many units for spring tillage. So, FLORIN field cultivator and the CHERVONETS XL presowing cultivator (both models with a working width of 8 meters) are also among the new products of 2020. These multifunctional serial units have already been tested by farmers and time. FLORIN is equipped with three types of tines, front cutting discs and a chopping roller, optionally equipped with a roller and a double-row tooth spring harrow. CHERVONETS XL can be equipped with a starter liquid fertilizer application with a 3000-liter tank.

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The spring line also includes DUCAT short disc harrows. The company carries out a deep modernization of implements with a design update. LOZOVA MACHINERY engineers also continue to make a reality of the proprietary concept "ZERO MAINTENANCE" in each unit.

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Alexey Grinenko, the Chief Designer of LOZOVA MACHINERY, said that the company has outlined major changes in production. They plan to thoroughly update and supplement the model range of equipment. “In 2021, after field tests, we will begin mass production of reversible plows, expande the INTRAC sprayer range with tank volumes of 4200, 5200, 6000 and 8000 liters. We are also working hard on plant feeding machines and implements with vertical and ultra-surface tillage”. Alexey also announced preparations for the production of a novelty - an Injection fertilizer for grain crops for spot application of liquid fertilizers.

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Roman Girshfeld, the President of LOZOVA MACHINERY, noted that the company has formed a stable and successful business model in today's difficult economic conditions. "Today we continue to work, produce equipment, introduce new production areas and develop new markets, despite the crisis and quarantine restrictions". Speaking about the plans, Roman Girshfeld said that in 2021 LOZOVA MACHINERY will expand its export potential with even greater integration in the Canadian and EU markets. The company is already entering new markets today.

“We are the only Ukrainian manufacturer that presents its products on such a large scale on world markets, both in Europe and North America. LOZOVA MACHINERY is expected to gradually return to participation in industry exhibitions, forums, field demonstrations and other activities, which will be available in 2021, due to numerous requests from customers and buyers. Today the company is already preparing for the world's largest agricultural exhibition - AGRITECHNICА-2021”, - the President of the company emphasized.

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