Start a new season easily with LOZOVA MACHINERY

Start a new season easily with LOZOVA MACHINERY

Season on time

LOZOVA MACHINERY are ready to help farmers start the new spring season on time. The company is confident that competent and high-quality pre-sowing tillage is one of the main components of high yields. The first tillage affects the further growth and health of plants.

LARI tooth harrows stand out from the equipment for early spring tillage. These machines are the first to enter the field in any weather. They easily overcome obstacles and even wet is soil is not a problem them.

16 rows of diamond-shaped teeth with a hardness of 55...60HRC are recognized by independent experts as one of the most wear-resistant and reliable teeth on the market.


LARI impresses with its results. The harrow evenly distributes crop residues, perfectly follows the field surface and creates optimal conditions for sowing seeds to the required depth. It leads to improving of germination and further development of crops. 

This simple and comfortable machine offers high performance and low fuel consumption.

Taking care of the farmers, LOZOVA MACHINERY are preparing in 2021 to modernize the harrow and release an updated model, which provides a basic option for installing tanks for granular and liquid fertilizers. The working width of the harrow will be from 12 to 21 meters.

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