LOZOVA MACHINERY - "Try it yourself and you won't resist buying"

LOZOVA MACHINERY - "Try it yourself and you won't resist buying"

Farmers 'opinion

In less than three years LOZOVA MACHINERY has achieved considerable success in promoting equipment in the Canadian market and managed to win the sympathy of local farmers from the west to the east coast. Now the company has a growing dealer network, increased sales volumes, an extensive customer base, and customer confidence and gratitude.

Unique design solutions, reliability, manufacturability, excellent tillage quality have made LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment the most favorite of Canadian farmers.

Timothy and Marcel Heyligen, owners of FERME HEYLIGEN INC (Notre Dame de Stanbridge, Quebec), gave their opinion about the purchase of LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment:

«In the spring of 2020 we were faced with 200 acres of corn fields which were not worked because of a wet fall and an early winter freeze and snowfall. Looking for a solution to combine fall and spring tillage without delaying planting. We went out into the equipment market searching for the machine to do the job. After some research the compact disk harrow seemed to be the answer to our problem. The next step was to find which one fit our needs and within our budget. We did the rounds with neighbors who already had these machines and asked why they had chosen the one they had and what they felt was the good and bad features of their machine. It was during this time we were introduced to the LOZOVA compact disk harrow. A neighbor recently had become a dealer and he explained why he had chosen this particular unit. This was important to us as our farms were similar in soil type- heavy clay.

The end result was that we purchased a Ducat-5(5m.) and it was what we needed for our farm. This unit is built strong and very simple in design. We wanted something that did not have a lot of moving or extra wear parts to replace- which was the main complaint with our neighbors. The sealed bearings were a strong selling point reducing maintenance needs when time is in short supply. The disk size was also important to work the heavy clay soil and residue left on the field.

It was a pleasant surprise to see the level of stalk incorporation and depth of seedbed after just one pass. The savings of time in field resulted in more acres done in a day and as a bonus the fuel savings was considerable. One of our neighbors who had purchased one of those "Blue machines" borrowed our Ducat-5 to work a field. He was impressed with this unit compared to his when he found out what we had paid for the DUCAT-5. The cost of this unit was an important factor in our choice being thousands less than comparable machines. No reduction in the quality of workmanship or parts used impressed us after working the season with this machine.

Try one and you will find it hard not to buy this machine that is what happens to us»!
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