HARP introduces new technologies

HARP introduces new technologies

New technologies

Amidst the pandemic, the Kharkov Bearing Plant is continuously working to improve the competitiveness of its products, as well as all technological processes.

Continuing to upgrade and increase production capacity, HARP has commissioned the ultrasonic immersion scanner ScanMaster LS-50 (Israel) with an automatic loading/unloading system. The new equipment was launched at the inspection area of the grinding and assembly production of railway bearings.


The innovative high-precision system is designed to detect defects and measure their depth in products made of metal, polymer and composite materials. The operating principle of the flaw detector is based on the acoustic method of nondestructive control.

ScanMaster is used at HARP to check the rings of railway bearings and allows checking the parts with the outer diameter of 300 mm, height of 300 mm and weight up to 15 kg. Checking is fully automated and eliminates operator intervention, ensuring maximum efficiency and accuracy of bearings diagnostics. This scanner allowed automating a number of work processes and increased productivity and product quality.


Application of the ScanMaster also allows HARP to fully meet the strict control requirements of the bearing industry both in Ukraine and on European markets. This will enable the company to expand its sales geography and increase its presence in EU countries.

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