LOZOVA MACHINERY will take part in "Grain Technologies-2021"

LOZOVA MACHINERY will take part in "Grain Technologies-2021"


LOZOVA MACHINERY will present the best technical solutions for spring tillage at the international agro-industrial exhibition - "Grain Technologies-2021" (Kiev, February 16-18).

DINAR rotary harrow with a working width of 6 meters, a novelty of the agricultural season, will be presented to the attention of visitors. New options significantly expand the capabilities of the unit. The machine has become much lighter what allows it to be aggregated with tractors with a capacity of 80 hp. from. DINAR is equipped with a reliable spring rack that does not require any adjustments and settings. Harrows with working widths of 9 and 12 meters are also available.

LARI tooth drag harrows are also indispensable for spring processing. They are the first to go into the field even on very wet soil. LARI are one of the most demanded units on the market.  They are purchased by both large agricultural holdings and small farms. The machines are equipped with the most wear-resistant teeth on the market, which can significantly reduce the operating costs of farmers. It has been confirmed by a number of independent scientific studies. LARI with a working width of 15 meters will be presented at the stand. Farmers have a wide range of tools from 7 to 21 meters to choose from. All machines are directed to realize the individual needs of any agricultural enterprise.

To learn more about all the new products and improvements in LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment visit our company's exposition. Looking forward to seeing you as our guests!

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