Time-tested quality of LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment

Time-tested quality of LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment

Resistant teeth

Thanks to the competent design solutions, LOZOVA MACHINERY tooth harrows have been holding the leading positions in their segment for more than 20 years.

The machines are equipped with the most durable working bodies on the market. Their quality and reliability have been repeatedly confirmed by independent scientific studies. The teeth that are used in LOZOVA MACHINERY units have been highly appreciated by leading Ukrainian scientists and specialists in the agricultural industry.

Since the tooth is the main working element of the tine harrow, it determines the reliability and resource availability of tillage equipment. LOZOVA MACHINERY diamond-shaped teeth have the longest wear life and maximum resistance to deformation due to the combination of their geometric shape and perfectly matched hardness. The spring teeth are made of special high-strength steel with a special double thermal hardening. The hardness of their working surface reaches 55...60 HRC. This is the innovative LOZOVA MACHINERY technology, which increases the strength of the tooth in two or three times in the area exposed to torsional stresses.

In addition to ideal tillage and high productivity, using of LOZOVA MACHINERY tooth harrows helps to reduce fuel consumption and ensure a long service life and maximum working time in the field, even in difficult operating conditions.

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