LOZOVA MACHINERY strengthens its position in the Canadian market

LOZOVA MACHINERY strengthens its position in the Canadian market

Canadian market

LOZOVA MACHINERY continues to expand its customer base in Canada.

Andre Ouimet, the owner of Ouimet Farms Adventure from Ontario, became a new buyer of the company's products. One of his purchases is a short disc harrow DUCAT with a working width of 4 meters, equipped with a cage roller. The farmer has already made sure of the high productivity of the unit.

“I have completed the autumn tillage. The harrow has successfully completed the corn stubble harvesting and the incorporation of crop residues. I am very pleased with my DUCAT-4. I liked the ease of use, as well as the speed and quick results”, - says Andre Ouimet.

Competent engineering solutions implemented in the DUCAT line allow achieving excellent stubble cultivation. Local farmers note that after the disc harrow passes, the soil surface structure becomes uniform and with optimal seedbed.

In addition to excellent tillage quality, important factors to choose LOZOVA MACHINERY are versatility and the complete absence of lubrication points ("zero maintenance" principle). DUCATs are also ideal for coping with the difficult soil and climatic features of Canada.

Very soon one more Canadian region will be added to LOZOVA MACHINERY's order book.


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