Exclusive demonstration of LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment

Exclusive demonstration of LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment


This autumn, within the framework of the agricultural event "UCAB Agrotechnology", LOZOVA MACHINERY held an exclusive demo show of DUCAT short disc harrow with 9 meters working width.

The company's team made a special demonstration of the machine.

There are no obstacles for DUCAT: it is ready to cope with dried soils, weed overgrowns or high humidity soils. The machine demonstrates perfect work under any conditions.

The indisputable advantage of the implement is the spring tine, which allows each disc to work individually without clogging on different soil types.

Advantages of our machines:

•         discs on an individual flexible stand, allowing to work without lifting;

•         5 types of rollers, adapted for different tillage conditions;

•         improved hydraulics mechanism;

•         optimized folding system;

•         maintenance-free and autonomous working bodies and frame hinges, which do not need lubrication;

•         high productivity - up to 11.6 ha / h

•         minimum fuel consumption - 4.5-5.5 l / ha

Please see below the video review of DUCAT-9.

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