LOZOVA MACHINERY has finished a successful season in Canada

LOZOVA MACHINERY has finished a successful season in Canada


LOZOVA MACHINERY has successfully finished one more season in Canada. Canadian farmers tested and bought the equipment in large volume. The COVID-19 pandemic period did not stop the expansion of our product range. The new products were in great demand along with the classic models of tillage machines.

In addition to the disc harrows, local farmers have shown their interest in the FRANC and GULDEN subsoilers, LARI and LIRA tooth harrows and their modifications.

DUCAT compact disc harrows are among the favorite machines of local farmers.

Adams Lawrence, a farmer from Alberta, grows wheat and rapeseed on his fields.  Recently he has purchased a DUCAT disc harrow with a working width of 9 meters. He has shared his opinion about machine’s work.

“I am very pleased with the purchase. The quality and assembly of the machine are excellent, better than some of the Canadian manufacturers! DUCAT copes perfectly with crop residues. It works particularly well with straw that is in a huge amount after harvesting wheat”.


A farmer from Saskatchewan was also glad to purchase a disc harrow. He was pleasantly impressed with DUCAT’s field work. He noticed an excellent performance of the machine, ease of control and the ability to work quickly and efficiently without clogging.

With a high level of customer confidence, LOZOVA MACHINERY is expanding its sales throughout Canada. More and more farmers are becoming loyal customers. Thanks to the growth of the distribution network, the company's products are now fully represented in the southwestern and eastern provinces of the country.

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