LOZOVA MACHINERY has started online training for dealers

LOZOVA MACHINERY has started online training for dealers


In November, LOZOVA MACHINERY has started distance learning for dealers in the format of online conferences. The course listeners are representatives of official dealers and partners of the brand throughout Ukraine.

Alexey Grinenko, the chief engineer of the company, says that such training is held every year. However, this year it is important to comply with the governmental safety rules and regulations, so the meeting was decided to be held online through Zoom. “Newcomers will get acquainted with our products and their advantages. Those who have been working in this area for a long time will be able to improve their qualifications and update their knowledge”, - says Mr Grinenko.

The training program is quite extensive and contains complete information about the range of tillage equipment and the features of the units.  Listeners will know about the range of sprayers and equipment for transportation and logistics. One of the most important topics of training is the competent use of LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment, depending on soil and natural conditions. The coach is going to give proper information about application options for different tillage technologies: traditional, mini-till, no-till. Dealers and partners will also gain knowledge about brand positioning on the Ukrainian market, geography of its distribution and service support.

“It is important for LOZOVA MACHINERY to support our partners and help them in their work. Training is one of the areas of cooperation that allows us to do it. This is a unique opportunity to exchange the experience and get all the latest news firsthand”, - says the president of the company Roman Girshfeld.

The training will be held with representative offices in all regions of Ukraine and will last until mid-December.

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