High quality of tillage with LIRA XL

High quality of tillage with LIRA XL

Tooth harrow

LOZOVA MACHINERY helps farmers to cope with a number of serious challenges of 2020. The company is actively involved in solving the problems of farmers and has proposed the most customized equipment for various farming technologies and for the specific needs of each farm.

Along with cultivators and subsoilers, LIRA XL heavy tooth harrows have become reliable helpers this season. The machines are effective in both spring and autumn, and are relevant for both small farms and large-scale farmland.

LIRA XL is capable of performing more than five operations in one pass. The machine can easily cover moisture on the plowed background in the shortest possible time. It can mix and evenly distribute organic fertilizers over the field, as well as prepare the soil for sowing.

LIRA XL is the only harrow that allows you to work on dry soil in the autumn, destroying the surface crust and thereby excluding further water evaporation.

LIRA XL is distinguished by high productivity of 25-30 ha/h, easy transportation and availability of wear-resistant working bodies.

In addition to traditional farming, LIRA XL is successfully used with a zero tillage system.

Vladimir Kolosov, a farmer from the Kharkov region, who switched to no-till two years ago, shared his experience with us. According to him, no-till is impossible to do without a heavy tooth harrow (LIRA XL). Being a powerful shredder, the machine exerts optimal pressure on the soil at a minimum depth. “The harrow is excellent at chopping and distributing straw and other crop residues across the field”.

The parallelogram system of contour following in LIRA XL, allows to maintain contact with the soil, even on uneven and rough areas of the field.

According to agricultural experts, due to the correct differentiation of plant residues with a gentle technology, a high-quality saturation of the soil occurs. LIRA XL perfectly copes with these tasks.

“LIRA XL is lightweight, comfortable and, what is important, easy to operate. With the right settings, it works wonders and is successfully applied with a minimal tillage system”, -  Viktor Kukharchuk, agroexpert in Western Ukraine, says.

Apart from all these advantages, one of the unique design solutions of LIRA XL is a unified frame. Due to this, the unit can be equipped with a LARI tooth drag harrow, easily modifying a heavy tooth harrow into a heavy tooth drag harrow and vice versa. As a result, farmers save money by getting two machines for the price of one.

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