LOZOVA MACHINERY is increasing the supply of equipment to Canada

LOZOVA MACHINERY is increasing the supply of equipment to Canada

Canadian market

In the quarantine conditions, despite the global crisis, LOZOVA MACHINERY continues to actively work and manufacture products.

In October, a new batch of LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment arrived in Canada. Among them are the long-awaited short disc harrows. In response to numerous requests from farmers, the company supplied local farms with a serial novelty DUCAT-9. The units will go to the fields of the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.


After the DUCAT-9 entered the international market in 2019, Canadian farmers and dealers in various regions were very interested in purchasing the machines. Being for two years on Canadian market, disc harrows have become real favorites and especially popular there.

The machines are ideal for the soil and climatic conditions of the Canadian regions. DUCAT’s high quality and efficiency of soil cultivation are confirmed by numerous field trials and positive feedback from farmers, who note the high speed, ideal quality and uniform depth of soil cultivation, as well as the ability to work effectively even in a snowy field.


Soon LOZOVA MACHINERY will share the results of the last season in Canada. 

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