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Viktor Kukharchuk, an agricultural expert who is a representative of the company in Western Ukraine, gave his opinion about LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment.

He believes that DUCAT is the best disk harrow that works great both in spring and autumn periods. This machine competes with the Horsch and Vӓderstad equipment, which are mainly used in the western regions of Ukraine. The soils are very diverse there and, depending on the region, there are sandy soils, black soil, and waterlogged soils in certain areas. Viktor told us that DUCAT is a reliable machine with a great potential and can handle various soils. “The super advantage of DUCAT is a reasonably selected spring hangle and its length. The vibration amplitude of the disc helps to reduce traction resistance and the machine quickly and economically works out due to these amortizing forces. One more advantage of DUCAT is the price, which is 30% less than of foreign analogues."


V. Kukharchuk first saw DUCAT with a working width of 12 meters in Kazakhstan. The machine worked 60 thousand hectares without a single breakdown, downtime and repairs. He was amazed to see such a great work.


He notes that DUCAT perfectly follows the surface of the field and provides a uniform agricultural background. In addition, the discs maintain a constant working depth. Maintenance-free bearing units deserve special attention. They have high quality, are wear-resistant and do not require lubrication and maintenance. Moreover, the transport width makes it easy to transport such a wide machine on public roads.


It is also a smart decision to equip disc harrows with various types of rollers, which can be selected taking into account the soil and climatic characteristics and technologies used in each specific farm.

In terms of productivity and popularity, DUCAT is comparable to LIRA, LIRA XL, LARI spring harrows. “These machines are lightweight, convenient and, most importantly, fool proof in their work. With the right settings, they can do a wonderful job. I definitely recommend LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment”, V. Kukharchuk emphasized.

LOZOVA MACHINERY continues to implement original engineering solutions aimed at the individual needs of each specific farm.

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