DUCAT is the best machine for autumn

DUCAT is the best machine for autumn

The best machine

For more than 10 years LOZOVA MACHINERY has been producing a line of DUCAT compact disc harrows, which are constantly being developed and improved. Today, these units have become the most popular machines among farmers around the world. DUCAT has a fairly wide range of applications, and this autumn the disk harrow has become indispensable in many farms.

The agricultural year in most parts of Ukraine was unstable and dry. The stubborn solid soil has become a real challenge for the Ukrainian agricultural enterprises Dnipro and Agrogolden.  On the fields in the Kharkov and Dnipropetrovsk regions grain they grow crops, rapeseed and sunflowers. The companies use a number of LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment, including DUCAT with a working width of 8 and 12 meters.

Sergey Mironenko, the representative of the company, says that this year they had a particularly dry soil and DUCAT helped them the most. “The machine runs well on dry, over-compacted soil and crumbles crop residues perfectly. We all really liked the quality of processing and the soil condition after harrow work. Just one pass to make perfect soil surface.”

The farmer considers the original technical solution ZERO MAINTENANCE, implemented in all brand equipment, to be a great advantage. According to S. Mironenko, only this season the machine has worked over 7 thousand hectares without any downtime, without requiring lubrication, additional adjustments and settings.

“I can say with confidence that DUCAT is the best machine for autumn. It works until cold,” he said.

This farm plans to purchase more LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment and the first purchase will be DUCAT disc harrows, machines that have proven their effectiveness even in difficult soil conditions with a large amount of organic matter and weeds.

LOZOVA MACHINERY has a solution for every farm. And today, due to numerous requests from farmers, the long-awaited version of DUCAT-8 new with improved functionality has already been added to the model range of short disc harrows.

The novelty is available for sale at the official dealers of LOZOVA MACHINERY.

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