New types of HARP bearings

New types of HARP bearings

New equipment

Kharkov Bearing Plant continues to develop and design new models of bearings and units for various industries.

Among the new products there are bearings for agricultural equipment, combines, trailed equipment, including foreign brands. HARP offers a number of products with designation 376904EK10L19, 580306K10C17, 966903EK20L19, 180216K10C17, 380706EK17T2C17, some of which are unique, and some have foreign, more expensive analogues.

In addition, the company's product range includes new items for general mechanical engineering (for example, 180314AC17, 180213AC17, and so on) that complement the existing bearing size ranges.

HARP products are distinguished by increased corrosion resistance, trouble-free operation in the most difficult operating conditions; the ability to confidently cope with overloads, as well as the use of high-tightness seals that provide enhanced protection and increase the service life for more than five years.


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