The new DUCAT compact disc harrows with working widths 8, 25 m have begun field work.

The first implements were put into the service in the farms of Kherson region.

The new harrow stands out for its improved technical characteristics and expanded range of application.

“The requirements for such an implement are very serious. We analyzed the work of all four imported analogues that are exported to Ukraine. By chance we saw a video from a demonstration field near Kiev in July this year. The choice fell on this harrow for many reasons. The first factor is quality. Although we were ready to buy a more expensive one" Alexander Yarovoy, the director of commercial farm unit Rubanovskoe, said.

The updated DUCAT-8 has a significantly increased disc load capacity (about 116 kg), which makes it possible to use the harrow more efficiently during cultivating the soil with crop residues.

Despite the fact that the harrow has become heavier by a ton, the tractor power requirements have not been changed (there is still a need for a tractor of 250 hp). Fuel consumption is also remained at the same level (DUCATs are very energy-efficient implements and consume only 4-5 liters per hectare).

“The harrow coped with our tasks perfectly! The implements should completely break the stubble and withstand the cultivation depth. It’s very important for our agricultural technology. This eight-meter DUCAT did it at high quality standards. We are so pleased with the result” Ivan Petrovich Kovalenko, the farmer of Kherson region, said.

ЛМ-Дукат8_уже в полях_551.jpg

The specialty and advantage of this new disc harrow is the unique principle of LOZOVA MACHINERY – “ZERO” MAINTENANCE. DUCAT-8 has no lubrication points (including on the hydraulic cylinder joints). The use of plain bearings, special lubricants and reinforcing materials, completely eliminates lubrication. No more wasting time and money, no running costs.

Well-judged technical solutions in DUCAT-8 are used even in secondary elements. So, according to numerous requests from farmers, the ability to regulate the depth of the rollers hydraulically was added - for more comfortable work (in addition to the classic manual adjustment method).

It is worth to draw the attention to a new, more compact folding system and a unique function of increasing the ground clearance in the transport position. It makes the operation of the implement easier and more convenient. One of the useful options of the implement is the existence of the replacement rollers adapted to different types and conditions of farming, including complex ones.

“Based on the results of the first working weeks, I can say that the harrow warms the cockles of our hearts. That implement is completely hassle-free. It is cost-efficient and works on high quality level. What’s not to like? And of course it's just nice to look at the implement both in the field and on the road - it turned out awesome!”

ЛМ-Дукат8_уже в полях_565.jpg

In conclusion we would like to say that using our DUCAT-8 compact disc harrows farmers will receive high-quality cultivated soil, reduce auxiliary costs for maintaining equipment, shorten field work and minimize the downtime.⁠


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